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Do-It-Yourself Temporary Door Locks

Three Products That Will Temporarily Ward Off Intruders

a bathroom door knob circa 1898

Vintage Door Knob. Most locks for old door knobs no longer function effectively. (Photo Credits: daBinsi, cc: Some Rights Reserved)

When you are not in your own house, and you suddenly find yourself having to sleep in a bedroom that does not have locks, what are you to do? If you are the type of person who cannot sleep without feeling secure with his surroundings, this will be a big problem, and for sure will make for a sleepless night. The good news however is something can be done about it. for instance featured this travel door lock that can secure the room you are sleeping in without having to use a screw driver or any type of tool. Although it says that it should not be used in place for traditional locks, it is a great travel lock that can discourage intruders from trying in into your temporary space like your hotel room. “Made from lightweight toughened nylon, this lock is strong, safe and durable to protect you and your things whilst travelling. Designed to be used whilst you occupy the room, the Quick Lock is easy to use and can be put into place in seconds!” 24HrLocksmith Singapore

Read more about it here.

If budget is an issue though and you cannot purchase something similar to the above mentioned portable door lock then you may want to try this. featured a DIY Fork lock, that could help secure a room without a lock. “The great thing is the fork lock works pretty much on every door. So, once you make one you’ll never run into this problem again!”

Watch the instructional video here.

If you want a more sophisticated and futuristic do-it-yourself door lock then you may want to try this. has featured a step-y-step guide in making a Bluetooth powered door lock. “To open the lock, we will use the app LightBlue. It has a section called the Sandbox, that lets you control the LightBlue Bean without having to program your own iOS app. When the LightBlue Bean receives a serial message, it checks the bytes received against the keycode saved inside the sketch. If the keycode matches the buttons pressed in the sandbox, the Bean Lock will unlock or lock.”

Watch the whole step-by-step process here.

The next time you find yourself feeling uncomfortable because you cannot lock the room you will be staying in, try any of the above-mentioned tips, and get the sleep you need.

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