Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Freezing Your Car Keys Can Help Protect It From Thieves

Owners Warned as Car Thieves are Getting More and More Sophisticated


Techie way to steal. Car thieves now use a gadget to steal cars without forcing entry. (Photo Credits: Laugh Like Muttley, cc: Some Rights Reserved)

There is a new trend among car owners whose automobiles have keyless entries. Some car owners have started putting their keys on refrigerators and microwave ovens to stop car theft.

Stealing without forced entry.

In an article at the New York Times’ website, author Nick Wilton said that he is freezing his keys to ensure that his car will not be stolen by thieves just like what had happened to his neighbors. Wilton spoke with a security expert who mentioned to him that a power amplifier is being used to override keyless entries in new cars, allowing robbers to steal cars without having to force their way inside. “While I can’t be 100 percent certain this is the device they used to get into my car, until car companies solve the problem, he said, the best way to protect my car is to “put your keys in the freezer, which acts as a Faraday Cage, and won’t allow a signal to get in or out.” SG Emergency Locksmith Singapore

Read the whole story here. carried a similar story where it explained how the device can manipulate car security locks.” The amplifier, which can cost less than $20 over the Internet — takes the signal from the car and projects it as far as 100 meters, so your car can find your key fob in your purse, pocket or the table where you dump your stuff when you come in the door.”

Read the rest of the article here.

Car robbery is indeed getting more sophisticated as time goes by. Over at, they shared a news on an invention that could hack car security. “Digitally controlling a car’s electronics remains an arcane, specialized skill among security researchers. But that’s changing fast. And soon, it could take as little as $60 and a laptop to begin messing around with a car’s digital innards.”

Read the whole article here.

Staying knowledgeable on what is happening around you can help you remain vigilant about security threats. It is always better to be over informed in matters like these than to stay in the dark and fall victim to these tricks.

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