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Getting Creative with Door Handles

D-I-Y Door Knob Projects

Door Handle

Do not leave it so plain. (Photo Credits: Sean MacEntee, cc: Some Rights Reserved)

Door knobs and Door Handles do not only represent house portals and home security. They also represent the great atmosphere and hominess only your own place could provide. Locksmith near me Singapore

To spruce up a door knob, artsy websites show ways to create nice door knob hangers. shared this fun way of making Do-it-Yourself Door Hangers. “If you have a Silhouette cutting machine, here is how we made these door knob hangers. Fill them with treats for year long gift giving!”

Read the whole procedure here. meantime shared this fun way of sprucing up door handles. “Teacher Appreciation Week was a few weeks ago and while I created lots of fun gifts for my boys teachers, I was also able to help surprise all the teachers at the school by helping to decorate their classroom doors…They made the perfect addition to our Teacher Appreciation Doors and the teachers loved them!”

Know how to make these door knob hangers here.

Better Homes and Gardens meanwhile has a different way of making your home door knobs stand-out. “Create your own hardware for your doors and cabinetry using material you can find in your own backyard: rocks!”

Check out the design here.

Other websites meantime got creative with their cabinet knobs. If you find yourself having a surplus of cabinet knobs when you installed new cabinet door locks then this is how you could creatively make use of it. showed ways on how to upcycle vintage cabinet knobs into wedding bouquets or boutonnieres. “Talk about a unique bouquet! This bouquet is made out of door knobs. You can find a variety of vintage door knobs all over the internet to create your special bouquet. This one is gorgeous! I love how they carried it into the boutonniere as well.”

See the DIY idea here.

Whatever way you choose to decorate your door knobs and cabinet handles, make sure that it makes your place a lot homey.

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