Sunday, June 7, 2015

High-Tech Pad Locks

Toss out your old pad locks


You may want to buy the latest pad lock now and replace your old one. (Photo Credits)
Almost every individual needs a padlock. And if it has been a long time since bought one, better be prepared for the latest development in the pad lock scene.

Do you know that pad locks can now be unlocked using a Smartphone app or Near Field Communication? featured quicklocks, or the padlocks which could just be the solution to your locker room needs! “Now all you need is a special card, ring, fob or label; one quick pass over the Quicklock and it’s “open, sesame.” The lock comes with a single NFC card, though you can purchase additional ones, or any of the aforementioned accessories, separately.”

Read more here. meantime featured this padlock which uses keys that you are most likely never to lose unless you are a butcher or something. “This is where Thanko’s fingerprint ID padlock comes in: your digit of choice is the key, the pattern of your parts the combination. The fingerprint scanner works just like any slide scanner you’ve seen out in the world (not the same as the iPhone), and you can register up to 10 individual fingerprints on one lock. The padlock runs on two AAA batteries ( 単4 in Japan), and if used 10 times/day, will last about 10 months.”

Know more about it here. Singapore Location

But if all else fails and you are still stuck with the old school padlock, and found your keys lost, or worse – stolen. You still have a solution at hand, and it may just be inside your refrigerator!
Website featured a video detailing how to open a padlock using a beer can. “Have you lost the key to a padlock? You could call a locksmith or cut the shackle, but you may be able to quickly and easily open it with a shim, a thin piece of metal that you slide into the locking mechanism.”

Watch the DIY Video here.

The next time you shop around for pad locks, you now know what kind to choose to safely secure your property.

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