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Never Get Confused with Your Keys Again

Do-It-Yourself Decorative Keys and Key Organizers

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Since most keys are no longer as fancy as these, then just pimp your keys using DIY tutorials. Photo Credits.

Are you having trouble identifying your keys? Do you get confused easily which key is for the kid’s cabinets and which one is for yours? Are you wondering how to organize them in your home so you and your whole household need not spend a lot of time figuring out your bunch of keys? SG24HrSingapore #1Locksmith

Homemaking website musings from a stay at home mom, has shared this wonderful idea of how to easily remember which keys are for what part of the house, or whose duplicate that set of keys are. “Simply paint a coat of nail polish onto the top of the key and let it dry. Then flip it over and do the same thing. Use multiple coats for a more uniform appearance.”

Read the DIY instructional here.

Even kids can help you decorate your keys

Want to give your kids a copy of their room key? Have them help with sprucing up their duplicate key too with the help of this step-by-step guide from website

Check out the step-by-step photo guide here.

If you are however the type of person who loses keys every time, then you may want to check out this decorative yet very functional key holders for your home or office. Website World Inside Pictures, collated 14 stand-out key holders you may want to have. “We have found 14 creative and very decorative DIY key holders all are so easy to make and will not empty your pocket. See it below and enjoy!”

See the key holders here.

So how do you keep your keys?

Check out this DIY Video on key decorating:

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