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All About Cages

Amazing and Extraordinary Cages

The Prisoner

Cages and restriction. (Photo Credits)

Locked Cages restrict the freedom of the living being corralled inside.

In its website, National Geographic featured an article that raised debates over shark baiting and caging. “A more important question, says Skomal, is whether the use of diving cages could injure sharks in the long term, by teaching them to associate human beings with food. Most sharks find people alien to their environment and tend to avoid them, the scientist says. But if sharks begin to associate people with the scent or presence of bait, aka food, they could become more aggressive or start to approach fishers, looking for a meal.”

Read the rest of the story here.

Doing it the Other way Around

In China, instead of caging wild animals in a zoo, tourists are instead padlocked in a mobile cage to experience the fierceness of lions, tigers and wild animals up close. Locksmith

“At the Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo in Chongqing, China, it’s the humans who are locked behind bars while the animals get to roam around. Visitors can book a tour where they will be locked in a cage in the back of a truck and driven through predators’ enclosures. Raw meat is hung on the sides of the cage, to encourage the animals to come closer. Zoo spokeswoman Chan Liang said.”

Take a look at the mobile cage filled with humans here.

Not all cages have to be scary though.

Home improvement and decorating website shared ideas on how to use cages as home accents.

“There is something special about adding a bird cage into the decor mix of a room – it’s like informal bohemian vibe, the Victorian feel, kind of steampunk touch”

Check out the many ideas enumerated here.

how about you what are your thoughts on cages?

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