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Trends in Bluetooth Locking Technology

All About Bluetooth Locks


Out with old, in with the new. Bluetooth locks are what’s in. Photo Credits.

Today’s locking technology is becoming more and more sophisticated as a lot of state-of-the-art locking equipment are now being introduced in the market.

Website for instance featured lock giant Schlage’s newest Bluetooth Lock technology that unlocks front doors using a Smartphone. “Available later this year, the Schlage Sense lock will work alongside a free app allowing homeowners to create and manage up to 30 unique keypad codes that can be electronically sent to people you want to have access to your home. The codes can even be individually scheduled if you prefer someone to only be able to get in during a set time, or if you want it to expire after a few days. And every time a code is used the time and date is recorded so homeowners have a complete history of how often they’re being used.”

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Check out this technology here.

If it is your bicycle that you want to secure then you might as well acquire this lock featured over at
“If you forget or lose your phone, there’s a way to open the lock by pressing a customized series of short and long touches, sort of like Morse code. The app also allows you to set up friends as designated users of the lock (or as banned users if they become enemies).

Because it’s so smart, the Nokē has perhaps unintended human characteristics. It doesn’t want to be abandoned, so it will let users know its location via phone. It also gets angry at potential thieves: An accelerometer senses when it’s jostled for more than three seconds, and then activates a ‘shrieking alarm.’”

Check out the U Lock Here.

But if you are looking for a lock that will not rely on devices to unlock it, then this suitcase is for you. Website IBN featured this piece of luggage that is secured by a biometric lock.

“Users can also unlock the suitcase with the touch of a finger print through biometric scanner or through use of the Planet Traveller app. They can also know about the location of their luggage at all times through the Global Tracker application.”

Read more here.

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