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How People React to a Change of Locks

The many messages it conveys

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Why people change their locks. (Photo Credits)

Changing locks in your home may mean a lot of things, but definitely it is a sin of moving forward.

It could mean you renovated your home, or you just moved in and wanted to make sure only you and your family have access to your house.

It could also means you are limiting the access of someone who may have lived in your home.

A man trying to renovate is home had the shock of his life to have found that someone has been squatting in his place. In its website, shared this strange story.

“Frazier lives in Atlanta. He had been renovating the house to get it ready to rent. But when Frazier showed up in Memphis, he couldn’t get inside the house, because the locks had been changed. Police found no running water in the house, a damaged electric meter, and no refrigerator. The people who moved in even installed a new automatic garage door.”

Read more about it here.

In Dublin, Ireland workers got teary eyed when they found their workplace locked up, with new guards and new set of locks in place.

The Journal.Ie shared in its website how shocked the employees were. “Workers at Clerys have left the iconic Dublin department store this evening after being told that all the jobs are to be lost. A group of workers remained in the nearly 200-year-old store for a number of hours after they were informed of the store’s liquidation but have now left. Several were in tears as they did so.”

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USA meantime shared an alarming story on how a person managed to create a heinous crime following the changing of locks in his former home.

“He broke into his former home and killed eight people because the woman he formerly lived with had changed the locks on the doors, according to a Harris County prosecutor.”

Read the rest of the report here.

So what will motivate you to change your locks?

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