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Locker Room Stories

Locker Rooms with the Pizzazz


How boring could it get? (Photo Credits)

Locker rooms are usually just plain old locker rooms. They are meant to all look the same, and sometimes, only the pad lock will give a clue about the personality of the owner of a particular locker.

Biloxi teachers however want to breathe life to the lockers that line their hallways.ElectricLiterature.Com featured this work of art made by the teachers to liven up the space that is usually boring, and plain.

“Envy the junior high students in Biloxi, Mississippi, who will return from summer vacation to find their English hallway transformed into a brightly colored Avenue of Literature. Each of the 189 lockers that line the hallway – unused for more than a decade – has been painted over to look like the spine of a popular book. The project was spearheaded by a group of teachers, who decided to devote their summers to creating an environment more conducive to a love of learning than a procession of defunct storage units.”

Check out the photos here.

In another locker room.

On a more matured locker room, firefighters who have been reprimanded for the stickers they have on their lockers have now been reinstated.

In a report shared by Next Gen Patriots, it mentioned that the firefighters have not only been reinstated, stickers have also been given out to their colleagues, for these other fire fighters to stick in their respective lockers.

“Four suburban Chicago firefighters were reinstated Wednesday after being sent home for refusing to remove American flags and military stickers from their helmets and lockers. Maywood Fire Chief Craig Bronaugh had issued a mandate for the removal of the patriotic stickers, citing a culture of racism within the department, but said Wednesday that “after review, I made a decision to put department-issued flags on every locker and in every locker room,” the Chicago Tribune reported.”

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But if you want a cleaner look for your loker room, or would want to imic one for your home then better head over to Homestratosphere’s website.

In one of their posts, they shared more ideas on how to design locker rooms or mud rooms.

“Mudroom storage options outside of closets are typically restricted to storage lockers, hooks, mudroom benches with shoe storage, but mudrooms may also double as a laundry room, or kitchen countertops and sinks. Mudroom designs can be customized any way you choose–whatever works best for you. Mudroom lockers are a common storage option. They can be either open, or have doors. They serve to keep coats more separate than a closet, which can reduce the time it takes to get out of the door in the morning. However, these are typically built-in or custom made, and this can get expensive.”

Check out the design ideas here.

So what do you feel like doing to your locker?

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