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Why you should lock your suitcases during trips

All About Luggage Locks

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Why you should lock your suitcases during trips. (Photo Credits)

The last thing on your mind when traveling for leisure is losing a luggage, let alone something inside your carry-on bag or suitcase.
Hence, there are many high-tech locks that are being introduced in the market today to prevent theft while a person is in transit. for instance, featured this high-tech pad lock that allows you to access your suitcase via your smartphone.

“EGeeTouch, which is waterproof, and can handle both extreme hot and cold weather, is approved by the U.S. Transport Security Administration. It also includes a TSA-accepted key lock that’s built-in, so authorized airport personnel can access the luggage. What’s more, EGeeTouch can be accessed using a pre-paired NFC smart tag or sticker (to put in a wallet) if the user doesn’t have an NFC-enabled device.The lock runs on battery power, but can be recharged via an external USB portable power source when that runs out.”

Check out the suitcase here.

A True Story

A good reason to get one of those smart-lock enabled luggage locks is a post published by the website, where a passenger almost got himself robbed because he failed to lock his carry-on luggage, which he placed on the plane’s overhead bin.

“I dismissed any thought of any wrong doing, but upon arrival in HK, something told to me to retrieve the bag, just to make sure nothing suspicious had occurred. When I opened the overhead locker (not above me) and saw my leather bag was the only one occupying the space I knew there was a problem. I examined the content, only to find all of my wife’s jewellery, along with some cash had been stolen, during the flight.”

Read the rest of this horrific story here.

Singapore Office also shares yet another alarming reason why suitcases should be locked using high-quality luggage locks.
“In just under 5 seconds, he shows us how a dishonest baggage handler could open a ‘locked’ piece of luggage up. By the end, he reveals what you really need to do to protect yourself. Did all of you know that you could open up these suitcases so easily?”

Watch the video here.

What is your take on this? Do you lock your suitcases?

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