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Amazing Key Rings and Holders

Key chains and holders you should see

Pentax Q : take it as a key-holder !

The importance of Key rings and key holders. (Photo Credits)

Key rings and key holders are important objects that help us not to misplace one of the most important things we need in our daily lives – our keys. Whether we use it for our car, our pedestal, our home, or even our locker, keys are extremely important and losing it could be considered a critical mistake. shared a unique and great way to ensure that you will know where your keys are once you decide to look for it.

“The first thing I say in the morning after ‘Coffee’s ready!’ is ‘Where’d my keys go?’ – it’s almost a ritual at this point, but at my expense! Key dishes are fine but my foyer isn’t really set up for a table, so an on-the-wall key holder is the way to go! Many of our projects are audio-based, so it seemed fitting to create a key holder out of audio jacks, and it looks good too!”

Check out the photos plus the instructions here.

Crafty and Cool

If you want to showcase your creativity though then you might want to follow this instructional as published by Arts and Crafts Website “Be Crafty.” Mobile Locksmith Service Singapore

“It is always a good day when paint is involved. And it’s a really good day when it’s pink paint. I had left over supplies from our wood bead necklace project from our last workshop. With Valentine’s Day in just a few days I thought I would use the last few beads to make a few gifts for some friends.”

Read the whole guide here.

These keyrings featured over at are getting controversial.

“Small fish, turtles and other amphibians are being sold in Beijing as mobile phone trinkets and key rings, to the chagrin of animal rights groups. Kept in bags filled with colored, oxygenated water the animals cost around $1.50 each. One vendor selling the animals outside of a Beijing subway station told CNN that the bag contained crystallized oxygen and nutrients. She said that that the animals could live for days but also warned that they should be freed from the bag as soon as the air ran out or they would suffocate. Among the animals being sold are young Chinese soft-shell turtles – the adult turtles are a popular dish in Chinese cooking. The live trinkets have been condemned by animal rights groups who have highlighted the lack of animal protection laws in China. ”

See the keyrings here.

What’s your keyholder?

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