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Innovative and Useful Do-it-Yourself Key Holders

Never misplace your keys again

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No where to find your keys always, with a key holder. (Photo Credits)

Are you always looking for your keys even in your own home?

Then a key holder is the answer. It helps keep all of your keys in one place so you would not have to fret when you are in a hurry and it seems like you have lost your keys again.

The great thing about this is you do not have to buy one at all because you can make one for your house, and your office! for instance shared a step-by-step way to make a succulent key holder for your home or office.

“Raise your hand if you’ve ever misplaced your keys? (Ours are both raised, lol!) Well, my house has two main entrances to my house (I know! Kind of confusing!) so I whipped up this easy DIY succulent planted mason jar key holder to match my craft studio/entryway.”

Check out the step-by-step guide here.

The website The Crafted Life also shared yet another way of making a key holder this time using a wooden slab as an accent. Locksmith Singapore

“So I originally ordered this wooden slab for this table I made, but it ended up being too thin and not right for the project at all. Instead of letting it just sit around, or pay for that return shipping, I decided to turn it into something equally as practical… a key holder! If your slab is untreated, I would suggest that you seal the wood with polyurethane before starting this project to avoid pests in your home.”

Read the rest of the DIY Instructional here.

Easy Fresh Ideas meantime shared a great idea on how to turn old CDs into an artsy keyholder.

“Material Required: 1. Acrylic Colour, 2. Pearl Metalic, 3. Liquid Embroidery, 4. Shilpkar, 5. Fabric Glue, 6. Old CD (3 pcs), 7. Painting Brush (Flat), 8. Key Holding Hook,”

Read the procedures here.

Are you willing to try to make your own key holder?

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