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Recycling Old Keys into Decorative Works of Art

Making use of Old Keys

Old keys

Do not discard them yet. (Photo Credits)

Do you have a lot of keys lying around the house, and you know for sure these ones are keys you will never use again?
Before you head on to the trash bin, check out what this Australian artist did to his old keys. featured the works-of-art in its website. Locksmith near me Singapore

“Michael, aka Moerkey, is an artist from Horsham, Victoria, Australia. The talented craftsman creates unique handmade balls, bowls and sculptures from discarded keys and coins; as well as reclaimed copper pipe and wire. In the series below, Michael bends and solders individual keys and coins into beautiful objects.”

Take a look at the pictures of the artworks here.

Upcycle it into a decorative piece. also took fancy of the Australian Artist’s creations.” Even discarded keys and coins can be turned into beautiful art with some creativity and the right sort of know-how. Michael (or Moerkey), an artist in Australia, does exactly that, turning discarded keys and coins into bottles, lampshades and other beautiful recycled metal sculptures.”

Check out the photos featured in the site here.

If you need more inspiration, then head on over at, as it published many ways to make decorations out of old keys.

“Keys are common items in our lives. Keys have a very very strong meaning to each individual, a meaning that cannot be understood or interpreted correctly by nothing and no one, it is only the keeper that can determine its true value, its true meaning that transcends the value of materiality and appearance. Keys are not however the main protagonists in DIY projects usually, yes, they can be found in DIY valentine crafts or vintage design lines but in most cases they have a complementary role rather than a decisive one. This happens mainly because keys are not easy to find. Keys are discarded only when we change a lock, loose a padlock or simply find the keys lost by another individual and we have no method to refund it to its owner. However the interest in DIY key projects exists and the possibilities are beautifully infinite thanks to the mysterious nature of the key in its essence and thanks to their uniqueness.”

Check out the DIY Projects here.

So have you been inspired?

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