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Redecorating Door Knobs

The many ways to design a door knob

Door Knob

Door Knobs can look even more beautiful and artsy. (Photo Credits)

Door knobs are a permanent fixture in every home or commercial establishment, and it can look pretty boring. Locksmith

Website IsaveA2Z.Com featured a fun and creative way to make your home door knobs unique and fun-looking.

“I read where a few people had simply spray painted their door knobs. Could it be that easy? Will it look okay? Will the spray paint make the door knob feel funny? I was going to have to take all of the doors down and the hardware off either way, so the labor was the same. I quickly decided that I HAD TO try this. We headed up to the hardware store and purchased 3 cans of Rust-Oleum Oil-Bronzed Spray Paint. It only costs about $7 per can and this was the only thing I had to buy for this project! This is the color we chose, but they also have nickel and stainless steel. To get started, we took all the doors down, removed the screws, knobs, locks and hinges. I laid a big piece of cardboard on our table outside and laid everything out. The cardboard works great too because you can stick the screws in it so that they are standing up to spray paint the tops! Then just spray light even coats until the hardware is covered. We tried to do one door at a time and kept all of the pieces together for each door. To allow for drying time, we sprayed one set of hardware and then hung a door that was already done. By the time I got the door hung, the last set I sprayed was dry!”

Check out the rest of the step-by-step instructions here.

Fun and Glam Knobs meantime featured this “Alice and Wonderland Doorknob” which will surely be fun on a child’s room or nursery.

“This hand sculpted door knob looks just like the one from Alice In Wonderland, and you won’t have to drink any potions to use it. Etsy shop Pop Sculptor custom sculpts, hand molds, and paints this limited edition Disney-themed decor. The sculpt comes in two pieces, plus the doorknob and hardware. With such expression, this one of a kind decorative door knob would be perfect for a kids room or movie room.”

Check out the photos here.

RustiqueArt.Com meantime shared ways to re-purpose vintage door knobs.

“Door knobs, vintage door knobs, how many ways can I use thee…let me count the ways; #1 ~ My all time fave….the “photo holder”, this is my version; rustic of course, but their are some wonderful things being done with a simple piece of wire and a door knob.”

Read the ten remaining ways here.

How does your home door knobs look like?


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