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Always remember where your keys are with Key Organizers

All about Key Organizers

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Never misplace a key anymore. (Photo Credits)

Keys are important in everyday life, but because it is often shrugged off, it usually gets misplaced. And losing keys usually happen right before you will need it.

And this is where key organizers come into play. says you do not have to shell out a lot of money to get one of your own, because you can make one yourself! “These are pretty cool right? What’s not cool is their price tag, so why not make one that is just as effective and durable for a fraction of the cost? This project in all of its entirety costs ~$6.80 (not including keys). That’s more than $38 dollars less than the name-brand key organizers! Today, I have the honor of showing you how to make your very own KeySmart/KeyBar/Key Organizer. It keeps your keys all organized, easy to use and take out, and no more key ‘jingle!’”

Check out the instructional guide here.

Lego-Inspired Key Organizer

Singapore Office meantime shared a step-by-step instructional in how to make a key organizer apt for Lego fans.

“Even though I have a “spot” for my keys and wallet, I still end up misplacing them. The LEGO organizer is a fun and convenient place to store all of your everyday carry things. A standard LEGO base plate is stuck to a wall, while bricks and plates attached to everyday items make them attachable to the mat—never to go missing again. Here’s how to make your own. This fun and colorful project is a great way to keep things organized and show your love for LEGO. LEGO purists beware: I had to modify the pieces to work with my idea!”

Check out the procedure here.

Youtube Channel Vat19 meantime featured a key organizer that will help eliminate the bulk of keys in your pocket. The Key Ninja organizes your keys like a Swiss Army knife, preventing them from becoming a huge wad of metal in your pocket. And despite its slim, half-inch thick silhouette, the Key Ninja can expand to fit up to 30 standard house keys. The handy tool also boasts built-in dual LED lights (so you can see your lock at night) and a bottle opener because you never know when a cold one might come your way. An included “S” hook ensures you can attach a larger key fob.”

Watch the video here.

So how do you organize your keys?

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