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Make your own Door Draft Stoppers

All about Door Draft Stoppers

Draught stopper with hang tag

You can make your own. (Photo Credits)

Doors do not only serve as protection from intruders, they only serve us one of our first lines of defense against bad weather.

The draft outside for instance cannot fully get in the house once doors are closed. However the small gap or crack between the door and the floor can be an opening where draft can get in.

But you do not have to buy for an expensive tool to ensure that draft cannot get inside your doors.

Homestead Bloggers Network featured an instructional guide on how to make your own draft stopper.

“Anyway, the house we live in now is nice and small (the way I like it – less work), and is pretty well insulated. Our bedroom, however, is built above the back porch and gets colder. The closets are NOT insulated because all the cold air seems to be coming from there. Until we can get that fixed, I decided a DIY project was in order.”

Read the step-by-step instructions here.

Another way to make one

Locksmith near me Singapore  A brown house also featured yet another way to make this DIY project for your home. “A draft stopper, or a draft snake as we called it growing up, is a quick and easy fix for stopping cold air from coming in through door cracks. Using a Door Draft Stopper or a Draft Snake is a great way to lower your heating bill and make sure your home is energy efficient. It just so happens that a door draft stopper is also a very easy DIY sewing project. With some scrap fabric and fifteen minutes, you can stop drafts in your house, too.”

Check out the instructional guide here.

Knowledge Weighs Nothing also offered yet another way to do this DIY Door Draft Stopper Project.

“These DIY posts have been really popular, so here’s another one to help you keep a little warmer… Below is an excellent tutorial showing how to make your own door snakes/draft stoppers. These door snakes are an excellent way to reduce the draft and cold which can come in through the gap at the bottom of your doors. These draft stoppers are cheap and easy to make, so now’s a great time to get making and sort out those drafty doors.”

Check out the post here.

So will you make one?

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