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All About Door Peepholes

What you should know about Door Peepholes

Door Peephole

The Peephole Matters. (Photo Credits)

Door peepholes are important in securing your home. After all, why would a homeowner want to open the door at midnight to someone who is knocking, when he or she does not have any idea who could be it on the other side.

For those who would not want the guess work, there is a new technology that serves like a sort of caller ID for doors.

In one of its posts, Wonderful Engineering identified this technology as the Peeble.

“This gadget goes one step further in usefulness as it can stream the video from the peephole directly to your smartphone instead of a static display. This way, you can monitor it wherever you are and with the help of a remote opening system, you can open the door for any recognizable face, without the need of going there yourself.”

Check out the contraption here.

The same peephole also caught the attention of British Website The Daily Mail. “Peeble is a compact wireless camera that can be fixed to the peepholes that many frontdoors have. Once connected it can identify when people walk up to the door, sending an alert to the homeowners smartphone.”

Read more about it here.

Horror story

Not all peepholes though can preserve a room or home occupant’s privacy and security. Huffington post shared a news item on a celebrity who filed a complaint against her stalker who filmed her through her hotel room door’s peephole.

“Fox Sports broadcaster and “Dancing with the Stars” co-host Erin Andrews is seeking $75 million in a new lawsuit related to a 2008 peephole incident, according to court records obtained by The Smoking Gun. Andrews was the victim of an invasion of privacy at a Marriott hotel in Nashville, Tennessee when her stalker, Michael Barrett, was put into the hotel room next to her. Barrett recorded Andrews in the nude by filming her with a cell phone through her hotel peephole and later posted the video on the Internet.”

Read the rest of the story here.

Do you have a peephole in your home?

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