Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Convenience of Automatic Doors

All about Automatic Doors


What automatic doors do for you. (Photo Credits)

The automatic door is an invention that humans should be thankful for. After all, chores and errands are easier for a person when she does not have to push or pull on a door, especially when she is holding other items with her hands.

In Japan, home to the world’s first ever robot hotel, a robot staff is positioned by the automatic doors of the hotel as featured by CNN. “Humanoid robots greet Japanese-speaking guests at reception, while English-speaking guests are met, for reasons that aren’t exactly clear, by a robotic dinosaur. The robots are said to be able to engage in intelligent conversations.”

Check it out here.

Just Amazing

And if the robot will leave some breathless with amazement, just watch what an automatic door does to a toddler as featured over at Today.com.

The clip shows the boy staring at the doors sliding open and shut on their own, his mouth hanging wide in amazement. He shrieks as he runs to another set of doors, only to find them do the same thing.”

Watch the video clip here.

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Automatic doors are just so helpful and fascinating, that it is also very useful even for animals!

The Grit.com featured an automatic door of their chicken coop. “We raise chickens in our fenced-in backyard. With our set up, we do not have a covered run and the coop area is only for sleeping and laying eggs. We do have plenty of areas where the girls can hide from predators and be in the shade. One thing I worried about was what would happen to the girls if we were not there in the morning to open the coop or close it at night. Also, sometimes we are gone late and we are not able to close them in for the night. This is where the automatic coop door has been a real blessing.”

Check out the automatic door here.

Are you thankful for automatic doors?


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