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Amazing Door Handles

All about door handles

149 - 155 High Street, Henley-in-Arden - door handle on 155 High Street

Awesome door handles. (Photo Credits)

There is a lot about door handles that can amaze just about anyone. It may be a usual fixture in a home or commercial establishment, but when it is not as common, or ordinary, everyone pays attention to it.

Just like these door handles featured over at the website Lushome.

“Door handles, recycling metal items, wooden pieces, miniature figurines and antique handles, are perfect for artistic door designs and personalizing door decoration. Small details can change the ambiance of your house exterior and doors, reflecting your character and lifestyle.”

Check out the unique door handles here.


Door handles, however unique they are, can still harbor germs.

Well, except for this one featured over at Inhabitat.

“Soon you may be able to toss your hand sanitizer. Two teens from Hong Kong have created a new door handle that wipes out 99.8 percent of all germs on contact, potentially revolutionizing the hygiene industry. Realizing the extent to which bacteria spreads on public door handles, shopping carts and other objects touched by hundreds if not thousands of people each day, 17-year-old Sun Ming (Simon) Wong and 18-year-old King Pong (Michael) Li sought a material that could eliminate bacteria. Turns out titanium oxide does the trick, but they had to come up with an innovative way to activate it.”

Take a look at this innovative door handle here.

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The same door handle has also been featured over at Science Alert. “Because door handles aren’t normally bathed in UV light, Wong and Li figured out a way for every bit of their bacteria-fighting handle to get some UV rays: they lit it from inside. The handle itself is a cylinder of clear glass, with a strong light-emitting diode (LED) on one end that shines UV light through the length of the handle. Lit up with UV light, the titanium dioxide can go to work killing bacteria.”

Read more here.

What is your dream door handle?


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