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Innovative Bicycle Locks Give Cyclists Peace of Mind

New ways to secure your bike

Lock and wheel

Don’t allow this to happen to you. (Photo Credits: Quan Ha, cc: Some Rights Reserved)

One of the main concerns of those who choose to bike their way to their destinations is to how to secure their bicycles. Unlike cars of course, bicycles are easier to steal so expensive ones definitely get the attention of thieves.
New developments in the cycling industry however are very promising. Singapore Office

Website featured an invention of a student start up meant to outsmart bike robbers. “Two students from USC were fed up with having their bikes repeatedly stolen, and set out to build a theft-proof wheel lock. The device they created is a one-time solution, replacing the existing wheel fasteners (quick release skewers or conventional hex nuts) to secure the wheels to the bike without adding an extra lock. This solution, dubbed Nutlock, is designed to only be removed with a unique key that fits them, and is said to be able to thwart attempts to remove them using most standard wrenches and tools.”

Watch the video and read more here. meantime featured an automatic bike lock that comes with auto unlock features, keyless access, tamper alerts connected to your smart phone, and built-in siren.

“At its core, LINKA is a powerful bike lock mounted to your frame, so it’s always ready. To lock it, simply tap the button and you’ll be recognized securely through your phone. A 9mm hardened square steel ring automatically slides into place making your bike impossible to ride away.”

Know more about it here.

Website meantime featured the “unstealable” bike by Yerka which is allegedly a bike that has outstanding lock features. “The Yerka Project is the work of three engineering students who are working to get their project up and running. The Yerka team promises that it takes only 20 seconds to secure their bike, which has the stripped-down look of the single-speed bikes that currently buzz around many cities. ‘Every lock can be broken leaving the bike intact,” Yerka’s engineers say. “That’s why we decided to make a lock out of the frame.’”

Watch the video here.

Investing in gadgets like these to secure your ride is like investing on having that peace of mind.

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