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Never Leave Your Keys Unattended

Website duplicates keys in an instant


Never leave them unattended. In Valets, Just give the car keys, remove it from the bunch. (Photo Credits: Linus Bohman, cc: Some Rights Reserved)

Have you ever thought of where you place your keys when you do not need them? Do you ever leave them lying around in your office desk? hanging in your bag or your pocket? Mobile Locksmith Service Singapore

You may want to think twice about doing this because there reportedly is a website that could copy your keys by just using a photo of it.

Youtube channel “Intelligence for Your Life” warned viewers about this. “Here’s something that’ll make you think twice about handing over your keys to a stranger – like the parking valet, for example. A new website says it can make perfect copies of any house key from a photo.Meaning, we can just snap a photo of our key with a smartphone. Then, upload it to the website, where software analyzes the grooves of the key and a machine drills out a perfect match that’s mailed right to us.”

Watch the whole video here. also issued the same warning as their investigative team tested the website, and yes the duplicate keys worked. “I-Team 8 decided to test the website, which we’re not naming. We took a picture of an office key and uploaded it to the website. Quickly, we received a confirmation email saying the key could be duplicated. The copied key arrived in the mail less than a week later. It came in a small, while envelope that isn’t marked…The $6 also gets you a permanent code in case you’re locked out again. A locksmith would make a key from the code right on the spot.”

Watch the report here.

Website meanwhile issued a similar warning, but this time for a smartphone app that allows users to get copies of the keys for just $10. They however got in touch with the app developer and he mentioned that they have safeguards in place for homeowners, in relation to the service they provide.

“The company reassures users that their process, which requires keys to be removed from the ring and photographed on both sides with a white background, is designed to strictly prevent flyby pictures by strangers. The company maintains the app is safe in that it offers a digital trail to the person responsible, should a key be photographed by someone other than the owner.”

Read the whole story here.

Have you ever lent your keys to someone lately?

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