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How to Make Your Own Christmas Light Balls

Do-It-Yourself Christmas Light Balls

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Glam up your outdoor décor with Christmas Light Balls. (Photo Credits)

If you want your outdoor Christmas decorations become all the more fabulous and nice to look at, then why not make your own homemade Christmas Light Balls? They are nice, and will not bore a hole in your pocket, not to mention – exercise your creativity too!

Electricians Good ideas for you shared this simple instructional on how to make one.

“Christmas light balls are extremely popular outdoor Christmas decorations that are unique in appearance. Many times found in holiday light shows, botanical gardens, and other elegant displays, Christmas light balls are actually easy to make with just a few supplies!”

Check out the instructions here.

It is not as complicated as it looks

Icreativeideas.com also shared some fabulous tips on how to go about making your ow gigantic Christmas light balls. Builders and Contractors     

“In addition to putting up lights around your house and on your Christmas tree,  now you can light up your garden or front yard with these stunning Christmas light balls. They are fantastic outdoor Christmas decorations for your home. They are actually easy to make with just a few simple supplies. You’ll need chicken wire, wire cutters, a measuring tape, gloves, and LED string lights.”

See the photos and read the design pointers here.

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If you prefer something smaller, then you might want to read about this decorating idea shared by Viral Nova.

“Light up your home this holiday season with a gorgeous chandelier of lights. These glimmering holiday decorations look like complicated works of art, but in reality they’re incredibly simple to make. Using only plastic cups, Christmas lights, zip ties, and hot glue, you can make a “sparkle ball” in whatever size you choose.”

Take a look at the photos here.

So would you make one for your home?



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