Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Unique Door Signs

Door Signs that catch your attention


They are hanged in your door to catch your attention. (Photo Credits)

It is designed to catch your attention prior to entering your home or establishment. Door signs – some are usual, some are unique. Of course the more unique, the better, and the more likely to catch your attention.

The Chive for instance featured photos of more than a dozen funny and unique door signs that may even make you chuckle.

“When staying in a hotel it’s important to have a ‘do not disturb’ sign to prevent anyone from randomly walking in on you. While almost all hotels have these signs, some have finally produced ones with accurate descriptions.”

Check out the pictures here.

Make it catchy

Locksmith Singapore A bakery meantime got more customers following a door sign display. “Some people are awesome, and some people are super awesome. Case in point, an Ohio bakery that just doesn’t care what others think of their refusal to bow down”

Look at the sign here.

If you want to make your own, you can. Littered Window for instance showed a tutorial on how to make a chalkboard sign.

“Because you see, I have lots of holiday wreaths and door hangings, but I have nothing to put up in between holidays. Like April or May. I’m not going to make myself an Earth Day wreath or something like that. I needed something that would work for those in between times of year. And this chalkboard sign is perfect! Here’s how I personalized mine!”

Check out the instructional here.

So do you have one or will you make one?



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